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From recoveries to improved performance, our goal is to bring you to more active, healthier functioning.

Physical medicine & rehabilitation specialists, or physiatrists, are doctors who specialize in helping patients rehabilitate from injuries or complications of the disease. This could include a weekend warrior coming back from a broken leg, or an aging grandmother dealing with arthritis. We may perform treatments such as spinal cord and nerve stimulation, nerve or medial branch blocks, medication management, or the implantation of drug delivery systems. Our services focus on relieving chronic pain in patients. Our pain specialists offer pain relief by blocking or interrupting the transmission of neurological pain signals in the brain. We may employ a range of treatment & rehabilitation techniques, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and nerve stimulation treatments, among others.

Richard Gasalberti, MD

He is a Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Board Certified in PM&R Pain Medicine. After earning his medical degree from Ross University, Dr. Gasalberti completed fellowships at Memorial Medical Center and Mount Sinai Hospital. His expertise is in rehabilitation for amputee/loss limb, spinal cord injury, MS, chronic pain, sports medicine, and other conditions where chronic pain is prevalent.

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