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What is a Podiatrist and What Conditions Can They Treat?

What is a Podiatrist and What Conditions Can They Treat?

Not many know about the term “podiatrist” which is why, today, we’re here to explain what exactly a podiatrist is and what ailments are they experts at treating.

A podiatrist is a medical specialist who helps with issues related to your feet or lower legs. They can administer treatment for injuries as well as complications caused by health conditions such as diabetes. You may often hear people refer to them as podiatric physicians of doctor of podiatric medicine.

Here are a couple of foot-related conditions podiatrists can help with:

  • Fractures and sprains. There are the most common injuries podiatrists treat in the clinic. They also work in sports medicine to assist athletes with foot-related problems.
  • Bunions and hammertoes. These are conditions that affect the bones in your feet. A bunion develops when a joint at the base of your big toe gets inflamed or is knocked out of place. A hammertoe is when toes don’t bend the right way.
  • Diabetes. This condition can damage the nerves in the legs and feet, making it difficult for blood to travel effectively to your feet.
  • Nail disorders. This includes infections that affect the nails caused by fungus or an ingrown toenail.

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