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Signs You Should See a Neurologist About Your Headache


Headaches are very prevalent. Some headaches, however, are far more serious than others. So, how can you know whether your headache is bad enough to warrant a visit to a neurologist in Ridgewood New York?

It is necessary to recognize that if you use over-the-counter medications too frequently, they can aggravate your headaches. Anyone who takes over-the-counter prescriptions; for five or more days out of the month to relieve headaches should contact a doctor in Ridgewood, New York.

Your headaches are only bothersome and not incapacitated; you should consult your primary care physician. However, if you begin to get immobilizing headaches, you should consult a neurologist at your nearest medical clinic in New York. People are suggested to contact a neurologist if they have a disabling headache. This rule is especially important if you need to stop what you’re doing and lie down because of a headache.

If your headaches begin to cause discomfort in other areas of your body, or if you begin to feel pain on only one side of your head, you should consult a neurologist. If you have any sensitivity to light or sound, nausea, vomiting, weakness, or numbness, these are all important symptoms to be concerned about.

For both common and complex neurological conditions, a neurologist can assist in determining the cause of symptoms and developing a treatment strategy. Patients can benefit from the knowledge and experience of a neurologist who is up to date on the most recent research and treatment options for MS and other neurological conditions.

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