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Warning Signs That Neck Pain Is Serious


Having common or mild neck pain is something not requiring the attention of a doctor in Ridgewood, New York. If it is caused by poor posture, an awkward sleeping position, or a strained muscle, then it is something not to be overly worried about.

However, there are also indications and signs that your neck pain has an underlying medical issue. If neck pain relief methods do not work and have aggravated, it is to seek medical help.

How will you know your neck pain has an underlying serious medical issue? Here are some warning signs that your neck pain requires medical attention:

  • Sensitivity to lights.

    Neck pain and sensitivity to lights may mean that you have a migraine. You may also experience other symptoms, including nausea. You may go to the nearest medical clinic in New York to have it treated.

  • Numbness and weakness.

    If your neck pain is associated with numbness and weakness, it is a warning sign that the symptoms reflect a neurological problem. You may contact a neurology doctor in Ridgewood, New York, to have your neck pain treated immediately and prevent further issues.

  • Persistent pain without relief.

    If your neck pain does not go away, it is time to seek medical attention. Other medical conditions or factors may have contributed to its persistence. Persistent neck pain may cause discomfort in your daily activities.

Neck pain can be tolerable sometimes. When it is serious, it is time to seek medical attention. If you are looking for neck pain relief in New York, visit us at MK Healthcare Medical, PC. We also offer neurology services related to your neck pain.


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