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Hot or Cold Compress: Injury First-Aid

Hot or Cold Compress: Injury First-Aid

Emergencies may happen anytime, and we cannot predict them. Hence it pays to know the immediate response. For slips and falls: it may lead to strains, sprains, soreness, inflammation, etc. Sometimes it even leads to head injuries. As a doctor in Ridgewood, New York, we find it is essential to know what compress to apply. Especially to injuries for firsthand care before taking the patient to the doctor.

As a medical clinic in New York, here’s what to do when confronted with these injuries:

  • Injury with inflammation after slip and falls. Pulls, strains, and minor tears- may be experienced. These may show swelling and throbbing pain. Apply an ice-cold compress- since ice will limit blood flow to the area and stop inflammation.
  • Minor injuries- soreness may be felt and will cause lingering muscle pain. The fix is to apply a hot compress since heat relaxes the muscles. It soothes the pain and can be applied directly after the ice eliminates the inflammation.
  • Back pain and neck pain usually happens due to bad sleeping and sitting posture. The pain may sometimes feel like an injury, so apply a hot compress. It can soothe the muscle. Do not use ice or cold compress since it will tighten muscles and cause spasms. For back and neck pains, only use heat.

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