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Lifestyle Factors and Habits That Affect Brain Health


Most focus on their physical health but must realize brain health is also vital. A decline in brain health can increase the risk of neurological disorders that impact quality of life and independence at home. Here are some lifestyle factors and habits that can negatively affect or influence your brain health:

  • Excessive Alcohol Consumption

    Alcohol can have direct toxic effects on brain cells. Over time, excessive alcohol consumption can increase the risks of cognitive impairment and neurological disorders. Our neurology doctor in Ridgewood, New York, can help address issues associated with cognitive impairment and neurological disorders to promote health outcomes and quality of life at home.

  • Stress

    Stress activates the body’s “fight or flight” response, leading to high levels of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Prolonged exposure to elevated levels can contribute to adverse effects on the brain. We can help address stress at our medical clinic in New York.

  • Lack of Sleep

    Sleep deprivation can increase the risk of memory loss, cognitive impairment, and mood disturbances. It can also cause issues associated with emotional regulation. Over time, poor sleeping habits will have a range of adverse effects on the brain. We offer neurology services to help you address issues associated with sleep, like insomnia.

Visit our doctor in Ridgewood, New York, for high-quality neurology services. For more information, you can call MK Healthcare Medical, PC., at 718-418-0300. Our clinic is composed of credentialed doctors and professionals who render comprehensive patient care for urgent medical needs.


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