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Stroke vs Aneurysm: Which is Worse?


The terms “stroke” and “aneurysm” are the same serious medical conditions and oftentimes used interchangeably. Often, these conditions can come suddenly and without any warnings. However, these symptoms will vary, as well as their treatment and neurology services need.

A stroke happens when there is a ruptured blood vessel in the brain or its blood supply has been blocked. Some of its symptoms include sudden and intense headache, numbness or tingling on one side of the body or face, weakness in the extremities, trouble with balance and coordination, confusion, and dizziness, among others. If you feel sudden onset with any of these symptoms, you need to see a neurology doctor in Ridgewood, New York, immediately.

On the other hand, an aneurysm is a result of a weakened artery wall and this causes bulges that have a high possibility of rupture and bleeding. It can affect any part of the body including the brain and the heart. Its symptoms include headache, numbness or weakness in one or both limbs, memory and vision problems, upset stomach as well as vomiting. Symptoms of aneurysm do not manifest themselves unless it has already burst and immediate treatment of it is the only key in order to prevent serious consequences like coma.

Although these two have notable differences, they share many of the same risk factors, such as high blood pressure and smoking, among others. Visit your nearest medical clinic in New York for a physical exam now.

At MK Healthcare Medical, PC., our doctor in Ridgewood, New York, can guide you in lowering your risks of stroke or aneurysm. Visit us now or call us for more information.

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