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Understanding Seizures and Its Complications

Understanding Seizures and Its Complications

A seizure is a sudden, uncontrolled electrical disturbance in the brain. It causes a change in one’s behavior, movements or feelings, and levels of consciousness. Nerve cells or neurons in the brain create, send, and receive electrical impulses, which allow for easy communication between the brain’s neurons and other nerve cells of the body. Anything that disrupts these communication pathways can lead to a seizure. Symptoms can include uncontrollable movements, a feeling of confusion, loss of consciousness or awareness, or feelings of fear or anxiety to name a few. It is best that one goes to a Neurology Doctor in Ridgewood, New York, and seek medical advice immediately to avoid further complications.

MK Healthcare Medical, PC. offers Neurology Services that may help to identify and treat neurological conditions. With years of experience in the medical field, our staff of doctors, who specialize in neurology, can give compassionate support through conducting tests and scans in order to come up with a proper diagnosis and an appropriate and comprehensive care and treatment plan that will be maintained through long term follow-ups.

Visit our Medical Clinic in New York now and set up an appointment with our doctors. You can also browse through our website if you wish to know more about how you can avail of our services. Let us help you achieve a better quality of life and guide you through keeping yourselves healthy and active.

Our dedicated and passionate Neurology Doctor in Ridgewood, New York is ready to serve you today.

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