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Understanding How Asthma Impacts Quality of Life


Asthma is a common chronic condition that may affect airways and breathing. Asthma can often develop during childhood, and children may experience a poorer quality of life. If your child shows signs of asthma, contact a doctor in Ridgewood, New York. If you have asthma, identify your triggers and prepare strategies to reduce discomfort.

Sadly, asthma can affect and impact the quality of life of affected individuals. The impact can be observed in different areas of life, such as socializing and doing activities. As a provider of medical, primary, and neurology services in New York, allow us to share how asthma impacts the quality of life.

  • Physical

    The consequences of asthma affect the physical quality of life. People with asthma often limit or cut their strength in performing physical activities. Asthma can also affect sports participation for affected individuals. Athletes with asthma should contact a physician in sports medicine in Ridgewood New York, with that matter.

  • Social

    Individuals with asthma may hesitate to participate in social activities because of their condition. Commonly, affected individuals stay at home to avoid triggers and maintain safety inside their premises.

  • Overall Well-Being

    According to some studies, the effects of asthma are not only limited to the physical and social well-being of affected individuals, but it can also affect the mental, emotional, and financial aspects of affected individuals. It is crucial to visit a medical clinic in New York to seek cost-effective preventative treatment and to reduce the impacts of asthma.

Thankfully, asthma can be managed. Thus, its effects on one’s well-being will be reduced. If you need help managing asthma, you can contact our clinic at MK Healthcare Medical, PC. We will provide an asthma doctor in Ridgewood, New York, to help you manage your condition.


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