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When to See an Allergist

When to See an Allergist

Sneezing and itchy, runny or blocked nose, red and watery eyes, and red rashes or hives are some of the most common manifestations of an allergic reaction. Usually, an allergic reaction is caused by the exaggerated immune system reaction to typically harmless allergens like pollen, dust, and certain foods.

It is quite common and oftentimes, only mild reactions. However, other causes may be dangerous and life-threatening to the individual. When this happens, it is strongly advised to see an allergist or immunologists—they are experts who are specialized in treating allergic reactions and other immune problems. You can find one in our medical clinic in New York.

With the help of our allergy doctor in Ridgewood, New York, you can identify triggers and create a treatment or prevention plan to treat serious allergy problems like anaphylaxis. Its symptoms include vomiting or diarrhea, difficulty breathing, swelling of the throat and tongue, and loss of consciousness.

These symptoms are often rare but start without a warning and get worse quickly. That’s why it’s important to see a doctor in Ridgewood, New York if you feel you’re always getting sick with a cough or head congestion. They can help you create a treatment plan for your condition so you may lead a quality and symptom-free life.

To know more about allergies and allergic reactions, visit MK Healthcare Medical, PC. now. You may also call us at 718-418-0300 to know more about our other specialties including family medicine, internal medicine, and neurology services.

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